Final measures

Measures 13 and 14 are in the A Minor key, the subject is presented in its original form (1) and transformed by inversion (2)

A series of imitations present the subject transformed by inversion (measures 15 and 17) and in its original form (measures 16 and 18). These measures takes us to the F Major key:

The same progression used in measures 3 and 11 reappears. This time the subject is in its original form (1) while the augmented motive is inverted (2) and brings us back to C major:

This table compares the harmonic progressions used in measures 3, 11 and 19:

  Soprano Bass Modulation
3 to 4

Inverted subject

Augmented subject
C major to G major
(modulation by ascending fifth)
11 to 12
Augmented subject

Inverted subject
D minor to A minor
(modulation by ascending fifth)
19 to 20

Augmented and inverted subject
F major to C major
(modulation by ascending fifth)

Listen to the final measures:

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