Vivaldi divides the text of the sonnet on which this concerto is based between its three movements:
A sonnet has fourteen lines divided into two quatrains (four lines) and two tercets.
I. Allegro
G minor
Quatrains 1 and 2

Under a hard season, fired up by the sun

Languishes man, languishes the flock and burns the pine

We hear the cuckoo's voice;

then sweet songs of the turtledove and finch are heard.

Soft breezes stir the air, but threatening

the North Wind sweeps them suddenly aside.

The shepherd trembles,

fearing violent storms and his fate.

II. Adagio
G minor
First tercet

The fear of lightning and fierce thunder

Robs his tired limbs of rest

As gnats and flies buzz furiously around.

III. Presto
G minor
Second tercet

Alas, his fears were justified

The Heavens thunder and roar and with hail

Cut the head off the wheat and damages the grain.

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