The first symbol on the staff is the clef.

The treble or G clef is used by high-pitched instruments such as the violin, flute and trumpet, and some low-pitched instruments such as the guitar:

treble clef

The bass or F clef is used by low-pitched instruments such as the double bass, cello and trombone:

bass clef

When reading music, pay attention to the clef to identify notes correctly.

Other clefs

Soprano clef:

Soprano clef

In the past it was used for soprano voice.

Mezzo soprano clef:

Mezzo soprano clef

Used by the viola and in the past also by the alto voice.

Alto clef:

Alto clef

Tenor clef:

Tenor clef

Used by low instruments such as the cello, bassoon and trombone in the high registers.

Baritone clef:

Baritone clef

All notes shown are middle C.

See Reading Music in the Tutorials section.

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