Root position

The figured bass for seventh chords in root position is 7-5-3. It is usually simplified by omitting the 5 and the 3. In the following example, we see the figured bass for a dominant seventh chord and a minor seventh chord:

First inversion

The figured bass for a chord in first inversion is 6-5-3. It's usually simplified to 6-5:

Second inversion

6-4-3. The simplified version is 4-3:

Third inversion

6-4-2. The simplified version is 4-2 or 2:

Some schools use a different symbol for dominant seventh chords and diminished and half-diminished seventh chords:

Dominant seventh:

Diminished seventh:

Half-diminished seventh:

See: Baroque Chord Symbols, Triad Symbols, Alterations in Figured Bass

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