Why should I become a member of teoria.com?


You can enhance your online experience by becoming a member. You will be able to run the exercises and save your scores to a database. This can be useful to keep record of the time you spend and see your progress. You will be able to create detailed reports of your activity at any moment. More information.


If you are a teacher you can create groups for your students. This option will allow you supervise their work in the exercise area and know exactly what exercises they are doing and their score. You will receive detailed weekly reports and you can generate reports at any moment. This feature requires that your students become members of teoria.com. See the Teacher's Manual.

3 As a member, you will not see any ads and will help keep these pages alive.

How much does it cost?

The price for the annual membership is only $20.00 (US dollars).

How can I become a member?

To become a member, click here or on the MyCommerce logo below. You will be connected to MyCommerce web site where you will be able to order securely online using credit card, PayPal, check. Immediately after making your payment you will receive an e-mail with your order number that you can use to login.


We have special prices for groups of 5 or more students, write to us for more information.


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