Pleading Child (Bittendes Kind)

Comments on the analysis

This piece is made from a four measures phrase and two more phrases that are a variation of the original phrase.

A motive (in red) appears on the higher voice in the first two measures. The middle voice figure (blue) will be present throughout the piece. Several chord extensions are used by the composer, like the major ninth (B) and the minor ninth (Bb) in the first measure. A secondary diminished chord precedes the dominant chord in the second beat of the second measure:

The first two measures are repeated to create the first phrase:

The second phrase is in the key of G major and is a variation of the previous phrase. We hear again a major (E) and a minor (Eb) ninths on the dominant chord:

Another secondary diminished chord of the V degree, this time over a dominant pedal in measure 6.

This phrase, like the first one, is four measures long and is made by repeating the first two measures. The second phrase is the only phrase in the piece that ends in tonic.

The third phrase starts with a B minor chord but the chord is used as a second degree of the A major key. This phrase is also a variation of the first phrase:

The piece ends by repeating the first phrase. It ends with a dominant chord. The composer may want to suggest the pleading child but it also prepares the next piece that is in the D major key.

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