Measures 19 to 43

An episode begins in measure 19. Soprano and alto use motive b while tenor and bass use motives a and ai. In measure 23 the bass starts a series of descending arpeggios that are the combination of the dialogue between soprano and alto in measures 19 to 23 (compare soprano and alto in measures 19 and 20 and the bass in measure 23). The alto uses motive ai in measure 23:

Motives b in the soprano and alto and the arpeggios in the bass starting in measure 23 look like a progression of seventh chords, first descending and then ascending:

Yet we think is a cycle of fifths (measures 19 to 23) followed by a progression of descending thirds and ascending fourths (measure 23 to 26):

After the episode all voices will present the subject in the same order as in the exposition: soprano, alto, tenor and bass but in different keys. Soprano starts in F major, alto in C major, tenor in G minor and the bass starts in G minor before returning to D minor. The previously mentioned motives are always present:

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