Measures 26 to the End

In measure 26 the motive is accompanied by a series of descending chromatic minor triads. In measure 27 we find a D minor chord and another F minor chord in measure 28. At the last beat of measure 28 the diatonic melody reappears but this time harmonized by simple minor and major triads in first inversion. A very contrasting harmonization in relation to the previous one:

Nicole Muller, piano - Piano Society

We reach the final measures:

Nicole Muller, piano - Piano Society

The motive is now in octaves. The last notes of the melody keep playing as an echo. We finally rest over a G minor chord and a descending arpeggio using the root and fifth of the G minor chord leads us to the last chord. It is a D minor chord, but the extremely open disposition gives a very special color to this chord.

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