Subject presentation

The soprano presents subject 1 (S1), and the bass plays subject 2 (S2). In this invention, the are two versions of S2. We will identify the first version with a descending arrow (S2↓) because of its descending movement:

Subject 1

The S1 is built from the first 8 notes:

  1. The first four notes are inverted.
  2. The motive is repeated three times.
  3. Notes 4 to 9 are inverted.
  4. The motive is repeated.
  5. An eight-note descending sequence.
  6. A four-note descending sequence.

Subject 2

S2↓ is based on a descending chromatic sequence:

The voices exchange the subjets in measure 3. S1 uses an F natural in the third beat (in red) instead of a sharp. S2 ascending form (S2↑) now enters in the fourth beat and not in the second beat:

This image simplifies S2↑ into a series of ascending chromatic notes:

S2↑ is a transformation by inversion of S2↓:

Measures 1 to 5 are the exposition of this invention:

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