The Art of the Fugue (Die Kunst der Fuge BWV 1080) is one of the great monothematic works of Bach. It is based on this theme:

With this theme Bach writes 14 fugues (one was unfinished) and 4 canons:

3 stretto fugues with inverted answers (Contrapunctus V to VII)
Contrapunctus V Contrapunctus VI Contrapunctus VII
4 double / triples fugues (Contrapunctus VIII to XI)
Contrapunctus VIII Contrapunctus IX Contrapunctus X Contrapunctus XI
2 mirror fugues (Contrapunctus XII to XIII)
Contrapunctus XII

Contrapunctus XIII


Canon per Augmentationem in contrario motu

Canon alla Ottava

Canon alla Duodecima in contrapunto alla Quinta Canon alla Decima in contrapunto alla Terza
Unfinished fugue

Contrapunctus XIV

See Contrapuntal Compositional Techniques : The Fugue for an introduction to the fugue.

The Art of the Fugue in Wikipedia.

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